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★ Scalp Aesthetics

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Nicola is fully trained and qualified by the world’s leading scalp aesthetics company and being a part of ‘Scalp Aesthetics’ (that is based in New York & Arizona), can guarantee to you that only the very best inks and needles are used to make sure you are receiving the best treatment possible.

What is it?

A novel remedy for baldness, ‘scalp micropigmentation’ is essentially the process of having your scalp tattooed with tiny dots that resemble stubble, giving you the appearance of a short hairstyle. It’s an immediate solution to hair loss and there’s no invasive surgery, no scarring and no down time.

Scalp micro pigmentation at least gives you the appearance of some hair and an approximation of a hairline – even if it’s just a stubbly one. It can also be used to camouflage transplant scars or to shade small areas where hair is thinning to make hair appear denser. It’s also a good option for men who suffer from alopecia.

This treatment works best on darker haired people; we wouldn’t normally do this treatment on lighter colours

What does it involve?

Scalp pigmentation doesn’t penetrate the skin as deep as normal tattooing, and the colour can be matched to your previous hair colour and skin tone. I will agree a suitable hairline with you, based on your previous one and face shape. I will add hundreds of tiny dots over your scalp. A sitting typically lasts around three hours, and if the whole head is being treated a few sittings may be required.

How many times will I need this treatment done?

Starting the treatment you will have 3 sessions, 1 treatment every 1-2 weeks. Scalp micro pigmentation is Semi Permanent and will fade over time. The average Scalp Aesthetics client will need a touch-up procedure every 4-6 years; however there are a number of factors at play. These include your lifestyle, sun exposure and maintenance regimen.

It is worth noting that Scalpa Ink fades more slowly than any other SMP ink. If you are treated someplace else, the pigments that are used may fade over a shorter period of time.

Does Scalp Micro pigmentation hurt?

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different; however the pain level is extremely low and is considered to be far less painful than an actual tattoo.

How will I look immediately after treatment?

For some clients the scalp can look red after the procedure and this can take 24-48 hours to fade.

Does this treatment hide scars?

Yes. This treatment can be used to hide scars. Depending what the scar is from, we may require a doctor’s note.

How long does the treatment take?

Depending how much of the area is being worked on in 1 session, roughly 3 hours.

How much does is cost?

Prices vary depending on how much of the scalp needs to be treated.

The Price will be quoted in free consultation.

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